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guest a person who is a visitor in another's home. [2 definitions]
guidance the act of guiding. [2 definitions]
guide to direct or lead along a way that is not familiar. [5 definitions]
guided missile a missile that can be guided throughout its flight until it reaches its target.
guideline a rule that tells people how to do something in the way that is considered best.
guide word one or two words printed at the top of the page in a reference book to help the reader find the right page. In this dictionary, the guide words at the top of each page show what the first and last entries on that page are.
guild a group of people who work together on a common interest or hobby. [2 definitions]
guillotine a device having a sharp blade that is dropped between two guide posts to execute a person by chopping off his or her head. [2 definitions]
guilt the fact of having done something wrong or having broken a law. [2 definitions]
guilty feeling or showing guilt. [2 definitions]
Guinea a country in western Africa on the Atlantic coast. Conakry is the capital of Guinea.
Guinea-Bissau a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa between Guinea and Senegal. The capital of Guinea-Bissau is the city of Bissau.
guinea pig a small mammal with short legs and no tail. Guinea pigs are rodents closely related to chinchillas and porcupines. Some science laboratories use guinea pigs for research and to test new medicines. Wild guinea pigs live in South America. [2 definitions]
guitar a stringed instrument with a long neck and five, six, or twelve strings that are strummed or plucked.
guitarist a person who plays the guitar, especially as a profession.
gulch a rocky valley with steep sides. A gulch sometimes has a stream running through it.
gulf a large area of ocean partly surrounded by land. [3 definitions]
Gulf of Mexico an area of the Atlantic Ocean that is bounded by the southern coast of the United States, the eastern coast of Mexico, and the island of Cuba.
Gulf of Thailand an arm of the South China Sea that borders Thailand, Cambodia, and small parts of Vietnam and Malaysia.
gull1 a water bird that has webbed feet, gray and white feathers, and long, pointed wings. They are graceful and powerful in flight.
gullible believing almost anything; easily tricked.