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guitar a stringed instrument with a long neck and five, six, or twelve strings that are strummed or plucked.
gulch a rocky valley with steep sides. A gulch sometimes has a stream running through it.
gulf a large area of ocean partly surrounded by land. [3 definitions]
Gulf of Mexico an area of the Atlantic Ocean that is bounded by the southern coast of the United States, the eastern coast of Mexico, and the island of Cuba.
Gulf of Thailand an arm of the South China Sea that borders Thailand, Cambodia, and small parts of Vietnam and Malaysia.
gull1 a water bird that has webbed feet, gray and white feathers, and long, pointed wings. They are graceful and powerful in flight.
gullible believing almost anything; easily tricked.
gully a deep cut or ditch in the land made by running water.
gulp to quickly draw in a breath; to gasp. [4 definitions]
gum1 a sticky substance that is given off by certain plants. [5 definitions]
gum2 (often plural) the flesh inside the mouth around the base of the teeth.
gumdrop a small candy that is like a firm jelly and coated with sugar.
gun a weapon with a tube made of metal from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are fired. Guns include pistols, rifles, and cannons. [3 definitions]
gunfire the firing of a gun.
gunner a soldier or sailor who fires or helps to fire a large gun or cannon.
gunpowder a black powder that explodes when touched with fire. Gunpowder is used in firing guns.
gunwale the upper edge of the side of a boat or ship.
guppy a small fish that lives in fresh water in South America and the West Indies. Guppies have bright colors and are often kept in aquariums.
gurgle to flow with a noisy, bubbling sound. [3 definitions]
gush to flood out in large amounts and with great force; spurt. [3 definitions]
gust a sudden rush or blast of wind. [2 definitions]