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guppy a small fish that lives in fresh water in South America and the West Indies. Guppies have bright colors and are often kept in aquariums.
gurgle to flow with a noisy, bubbling sound. [3 definitions]
gush to flood out in large amounts and with great force; spurt. [3 definitions]
gust a sudden rush or blast of wind. [2 definitions]
gut the stomach or intestines. [5 definitions]
gutter a ditch along the edge of a road or a long, open container attached to the edge of a roof for carrying off water.
guy1 (informal) a boy or man; fellow. [2 definitions]
guy2 a rope or wire used to guide something or hold something in place.
Guyana a country in northern South America on the Atlantic coast. Guyana was known as British Guiana until its independence from the United Kingdom in 1966. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana.
gym (informal) a short form of gymnasium. [2 definitions]
gymnasium a building or large room that has equipment for physical education, sports, and games.
gymnast a person who is skilled in gymnastics.
gymnastics (used with a plural verb) physical exercises used to develop and show strength, control, and agility. Gymnastics are often done with the aid of special equipment, such as bars and ropes. [2 definitions]
Gypsy a member of a group of wandering people who came from India long ago. Gypsies are now found throughout the world. [2 definitions]
gyroscope an instrument with a turning wheel, mounted on an axis that can turn in any direction. When the axis turns, the wheel stays level. Gyroscopes are used to help keep ships and airplanes on course.
h the eighth letter of the English alphabet.
ha a word used to show triumph, surprise, discovery, amazement, or annoyance.
habit a regular action; routine. [3 definitions]
habitat the natural environment of an animal or plant.
habitual done by habit. [2 definitions]
hacienda a large estate used as a farm or ranch. Haciendas can be found in many countries where the people speak Spanish or in the southwestern United States.