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handcuff one of two metal rings that are joined to each other by a short chain or bar. Handcuffs are locked around a prisoner's wrists. [2 definitions]
hand down to give to one's children or from one generation to another.
handful the amount that can be held in a single hand. [3 definitions]
handicap anything that makes things harder or keeps one from doing better. [3 definitions]
handicapped having a physical or mental condition that makes certain tasks or learning more difficult to achieve.
handicraft skill at making things by hand. [2 definitions]
handkerchief a small piece of thin cloth used to wipe the nose or face, or worn as decoration in a pocket.
handle the part of an object made to be held in order to lift, move, or hold the object. [5 definitions]
handlebar (usually plural) a curved bar with handles used for steering a bicycle, scooter, or other vehicle with two wheels.
handmade made by hand or with hand tools, rather than by machine.
handout a gift of money, food, or something else to the poor. [2 definitions]
hand out to give to each person; pass out; distribute.
hand over to give up control of; surrender.
handrail a narrow rail that a person grips by the hand for support or protection.
handshake the gripping and shaking of hands between two people when they meet or say good-bye.
handsome having a pleasing and healthy appearance; nice to look at. [2 definitions]
handspring a complete somersault in which a person flips onto the hands and then springs off the hands back to a standing position.
handwriting words written by hand with a pen or pencil. [2 definitions]
handy nearby; easy to reach and use. [3 definitions]
hang to attach to a point above without support from below. [5 definitions]
hangar a shelter for aircraft.