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Hanukkah a Jewish festival that runs for eight days in December in which a special candle is lit each night. Hanukkah celebrates the anniversary of the dedication of the temple at Jerusalem and the miracle of the lamp.
haphazard having no order; without aim or purpose. [2 definitions]
happen to take place; occur. [4 definitions]
happening something that happens; event; occurrence.
happily in a happy way. [2 definitions]
happiness the fact or condition of being happy or glad.
happy feeling joy or pleasure; being glad or content. [2 definitions]
happy-go-lucky free of cares or serious thoughts; leaving everything to luck.
harass to trouble or bother again and again.
harbor a sheltered area of water where boats can be anchored. [5 definitions]
hard not soft; solid; firm; tough. [9 definitions]
hard-boiled an egg that is boiled in the shell until firm all the way through. [2 definitions]
hard disk a rigid, magnetized disk built into a computer that is capable of storing a large amount of data.
hard drive a device for storing information on a computer's hard disk. A hard drive can be built into a computer or can sit outside the computer and be connected to it by a cable.
harden to make hard. [3 definitions]
hard hat a strong hat made of hard plastic. It protects the heads of people who work in dangerous places such as mines or construction areas.
hardly almost not at all; barely. [2 definitions]
hardship a condition of great want, suffering, or difficulty. [2 definitions]
hardware tools and equipment used for making and fixing things. Hardware is usually made of metal. [2 definitions]
hardware store a store that sells tools and equipment made of metal, as well as other types of tools, paints, cleaners, and various household items.
hardwood any of several types of trees with strong, hard wood and broad leaves. Oak, cherry, and mahogany are all hardwoods. [2 definitions]