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harm injury or hurt. [3 definitions]
harmful causing or likely to cause harm; dangerous.
harmonica a small wind instrument in the shape of a rectangle. It is held in the hands and played by blowing and inhaling air over a set of metal reeds; mouth organ.
harmony being in agreement; unity. [3 definitions]
harness a set of straps by which a work animal is attached to a cart, carriage, or plow. The harness is used to control and guide the animal. [4 definitions]
harp a large musical instrument with an upright triangular frame. Harps have forty-six strings and are played by plucking the strings with the fingers.
harpoon a weapon that is like a spear with a barbed head and a rope at the tail end. Harpoons are used in hunting whales and large fish. [2 definitions]
harpsichord a musical instrument with one or two keyboards. It is like a piano except that its strings are plucked when the keys are pressed.
harrow a farm tool used to break up and level ground that has been plowed. A harrow has spikes or upright disks mounted on a heavy frame. [3 definitions]
harsh rough or not pleasing to the eyes, ears, or other senses. [3 definitions]
harvest the gathering of ripe crops, the crops or the amount of crops gathered, or the season in which they are gathered. [3 definitions]
harvester one who gathers ripe crops. [2 definitions]
has the present tense of have, used with "he," "she," or "it," or with singular nouns.
hash1 a dish of chopped meat and vegetables that have already been cooked. Hash is fried or heated again in gravy. [2 definitions]
hasn't shortened form of "has not."
hassle something that bothers or troubles someone in a small way. [2 definitions]
hassock a footstool or firm cushion used to rest one's feet.
haste speed or hurry. [2 definitions]
hasten to move or act with speed; hurry. [3 definitions]
hasty fast or quick; hurried. [2 definitions]
hat a covering for the head worn for warmth, protection, or decoration.