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hassle something that bothers or troubles someone in a small way. [2 definitions]
hassock a footstool or firm cushion used to rest one's feet.
haste speed or hurry. [2 definitions]
hasten to move or act with speed; hurry. [3 definitions]
hasty fast or quick; hurried. [2 definitions]
hat a covering for the head worn for warmth, protection, or decoration.
hatch1 to help a young animal break out from (its egg) and be born. Birds, reptiles, and certain kinds of fish hatch eggs. [4 definitions]
hatch2 an opening in the floor, roof, or side of a building or vehicle. Hatches are often found on ships and allow passengers or cargo to pass through. [2 definitions]
hatchback a kind of car in which a back panel is lifted up to open the rear storage area.
hatchery a place where the eggs of fish, chickens, or other animals are hatched.
hatchet a small ax with a short handle that can be used with one hand.
hate to dislike very strongly; detest.
hateful causing hatred. [2 definitions]
hatred a feeling of hate or strong dislike.
haughty proud in a way that shows a low opinion of others; thinking of others as beneath oneself.
haul to pull or drag with force. [5 definitions]
haunch the area of the body that includes the hip, buttocks, and upper thigh. [2 definitions]
haunt to live in or visit as a ghost. [3 definitions]
haunted inhabited or visited by ghosts.
Hausa a language of parts of Nigeria and Niger in Africa. Hausa is also used in and near these countries as a means of communication between people who do not share the same native language but know Hausa to some degree.
Havana the capital city of Cuba. Havana is a seaport on the Gulf of Mexico.