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hemisphere either of two halves of the earth. A hemisphere is formed by dividing the earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at the equator, or into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres at a meridian. [2 definitions]
hemlock an evergreen tree of North America that has short needles and small cones, or the wood of this tree. [2 definitions]
hemp a tall plant first found in Asia. Hemp is an important source of fiber for rope and coarse cloth. [2 definitions]
hen an adult female chicken or the female of other closely related birds, such as turkeys, pheasants, and peacocks.
hence from this moment; from now. [2 definitions]
her the female person or animal already talked about (a form of "she" used as an object of a verb or preposition.) [2 definitions]
Hera the goddess of marriage in Greek mythology. Hera was the wife and sister of Zeus, ruler of the gods. In Roman mythology, Hera is called Juno.
herb a flowering plant whose stem is soft rather than woody and that dies at the end of a growing season. [2 definitions]
herbivore an animal that only feeds on plants.
herbivorous eating only plants; feeding on plants.
Hercules a hero in Greek and Roman mythology. Hercules was half man and half god and known for his amazing strength.
herd any group of cattle or wild animals that feed and travel together. [4 definitions]
here in, at, or to this specific place or location. [4 definitions]
hereafter after this; from this point on.
hereby by this means; at this moment.
hereditary having to do with characteristics that are passed or could be passed from parent to offspring. [2 definitions]
heredity the passing of characteristics from parent to offspring. [2 definitions]
here's shortened form of "here is."
heritage something that one believes, thinks, or does that comes from one's family or ethnic background; tradition.
Hermes the messenger of the gods, in Greek mythology. Hermes was also the god of travelers, of trade, of theft, and of skill in speaking. He is often shown with wings on his hat and shoes. In Roman mythology, Hermes is called Mercury.
hermit a person who lives alone and away from others. Often a person becomes a hermit in order to lead a religious life.