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hippo a short form of hippopotamus.
hippopotamus a very large, round mammal that has short legs with hooves and thick skin with almost no hair. Hippopotamuses live in or near rivers and lakes of tropical Africa. They eat plants.
hire to take on as a worker for money or other reward. [3 definitions]
his that or those which belong to him, are done by him, or have to do with him. [2 definitions]
Hispanic Spanish or of Spanish descent or origin. [3 definitions]
hiss to make a sound as if holding an "s" for a long time. [4 definitions]
historian one who writes about or is an expert on history.
historic important in history.
historical of or having to do with history. [2 definitions]
historically concerning what actually existed and occurred in past times.
history everything that has happened in the past to people or things, or a telling of these events. [4 definitions]
hit to give a blow or stroke to; strike. [9 definitions]
hitch1 to join or fasten with a rope or straps. [6 definitions]
hitchhike to try to get, or to get, a free ride in a vehicle.
hit the jackpot (informal) to have sudden good luck or success; to win a jackpot.
hit the sack (slang) to go to bed.
hive something built for or by bees to live in. [2 definitions]
hives (used with a singular or plural verb) a mild disease that causes small bumps on the skin that itch. Hives are often the result of an allergy.
hoard a collection or supply of something that is hidden or stored in order to have it available in the future. [2 definitions]
hoarse having a rough and weak sound because of illness or too much use. [2 definitions]
hoax an act meant to trick or deceive. [2 definitions]