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horny having horns or hornlike projections. [3 definitions]
horrible causing a feeling of fear, horror; dreadful. [2 definitions]
horrid causing a feeling of horror; dreadful; frightening. [2 definitions]
horrify to cause feelings of horror in; frighten, shock.
horror a great and painful feeling of fear or shock. [3 definitions]
horse a large mammal with long legs and hooves. A horse has a long neck with a mane, short hair, and a long tail. In the wild, horses live in herds and eat grass and other plants. For thousands of years, people have used horses for riding and for pulling or carrying loads. [3 definitions]
horse around to play in a silly or foolish way; to be very active.
horseback the back of a horse. [2 definitions]
horsefly a large fly that is sometimes found in large numbers around horses, cows, or other animals. Female horseflies bite and feed on the blood of people and animals.
horseman a man who rides on a horse. [2 definitions]
horseplay rough or noisy play.
horsepower a unit of energy equal to 746 watts or the energy needed to lift 550 pounds in one second, used in measuring the power of engines. (abbreviated: hp)
horseshoe a narrow, flat piece of iron shaped like a U that is fitted and nailed to a horse's hoof. [2 definitions]
horsewoman a woman who rides on a horse. [2 definitions]
hose a flexible tube of rubber or plastic through which a liquid can pass. [3 definitions]
hosiery socks or stockings as a group.
hospitable friendly, giving, and warm to guests.
hospital a place where sick or hurt people go to find care or help.
hospitality friendly, warm, and generous ways of entertaining or taking care of guests or strangers. [2 definitions]
hospitalize to place in a hospital for medical treatment.
host1 a person who entertains guests. [3 definitions]