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horsewoman a woman who rides on a horse. [2 definitions]
hose a flexible tube of rubber or plastic through which a liquid can pass. [3 definitions]
hosiery socks or stockings as a group.
hospitable friendly, giving, and warm to guests.
hospital a place where sick or hurt people go to find care or help.
hospitality friendly, warm, and generous ways of entertaining or taking care of guests or strangers. [2 definitions]
hospitalize to place in a hospital for medical treatment.
host1 a person who entertains guests. [3 definitions]
host2 a very large number of people or things.
hostage someone held prisoner by a person or group trying to force another person or group to meet certain demands.
hostel a place that offers shelter at a low cost for young people who are traveling.
hostess a woman who entertains guests. [2 definitions]
hostile feeling or showing dislike; unfriendly. [2 definitions]
hostility the state of being unfriendly or full of hate. [2 definitions]
hot holding or giving off great heat. [6 definitions]
hot dog a hot, cooked sausage, sometimes called a frankfurter, eaten in a long, soft roll. [2 definitions]
hotel a place with many rooms and beds where people pay money to sleep, eat meals, or buy other services.
hothouse a heated glass building used to grow plants.
hot spring a natural spring that has water warmer than body temperature.
hot under the collar (informal) very angry or upset.
hound any of several breeds of dogs. Hounds have short hair, a deep voice, and long, drooping ears. They are used for hunting. [3 definitions]