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hovel a small, uncomfortable, dirty house or hut.
hover to stay hanging in the air, often by quick flapping or spinning. [2 definitions]
how by what manner or means. [7 definitions]
how about what is your wish about having or doing.
how come (informal) why is it that.
how'd shortened form of "how did" or "how would."
howdy "Hello"; "How are you?"
however in spite of that; yet. [3 definitions]
howl to utter or make a long, loud, sad sound like that of a wolf or dog. [4 definitions]
hr. abbreviation of "hour" or "hours."
ht. abbreviation of "height."
html abbreviation of "hypertext markup language," a computer language used to create documents on the World Wide Web.
Huang He River a major river of China that begins in the mountains of the west and flows mostly eastward. It is also known as the Yellow River.
hub the turning center part of a wheel to which spokes and other parts are connected. [2 definitions]
hubbub a confusing mix of loud sounds such as voices; uproar.
hubcap a round metal cover over the hub of a car wheel.
huckleberry a low berry bush common in North America. The huckleberry is related to the blueberry. [2 definitions]
huddle to gather in a small, close group. [5 definitions]
Hudson Bay a large body of saltwater in Canada bordered by the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba, as well as by the territory of Nunavut. Hudson Bay is linked with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.
hue1 a particular color, such as sky blue; shade.
huff a state of bad temper; an angry mood. [2 definitions]