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huddle to gather in a small, close group. [5 definitions]
Hudson Bay a large body of saltwater in Canada bordered by the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba, as well as by the territory of Nunavut. Hudson Bay is linked with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.
hue1 a particular color, such as sky blue; shade.
huff a state of bad temper; an angry mood. [2 definitions]
hug to hold or squeeze with the arms in a loving way; embrace. [4 definitions]
huge of very large weight, size, or amount.
hulk an old ship that no longer is in use. [2 definitions]
hull1 the outer shell or covering of fruits, nuts, and seeds. [3 definitions]
hull2 the rigid frame and outer shell of a ship.
hum to vibrate with a continuous low sound. [4 definitions]
human having to do with or being a part of people. [2 definitions]
human being a human; person.
humane showing kindness or mercy.
humanity the race of human beings; people. [3 definitions]
humankind the group of all humans; the human race or species.
humble not proud; modest. [3 definitions]
humid having a high amount of water vapor; damp; moist.
humidity water vapor or moisture in the air.
humiliate to cause to lose pride or feel ashamed; embarrass.
hummingbird a tiny, brightly colored bird with a long, slender bill and narrow wings that beat very rapidly.
humor a quality that makes people laugh or feel amused. [4 definitions]