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husky2 (often capitalized) a breed of dog. Huskies are strong, have thick fur, and are often raised to pull sleds in arctic regions.
hustle to work or go swiftly. [4 definitions]
hut a small house or shelter made of grass, mud, or logs.
hutch a pen or shelter for small animals such as rabbits. [2 definitions]
hyacinth a plant that bears tall stalks of colorful flowers that have a sweet smell. The hyacinth grows from a bulb and is related to the lily.
hybrid the offspring of two plants or animals that are of different species or breeds.
hydrant an upright pipe with a valve from which water can be drawn from a water main.
hydroelectric having to do with producing electricity by means of the energy created by moving water.
hydrogen a very light gas that burns easily and is one of the chemical elements. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It combines with oxygen to make water, and it is found in all living things. Hydrogen combines with many substances and has many uses. (symbol: H)
hydrogen bomb a very powerful type of bomb. When its hydrogen atoms are forced together under great heat and pressure, they release energy in a huge explosion.
hyena a mammal with very long front legs and shorter back legs. Hyenas look like dogs, but are more closely related to cats. They have a cry that sounds like strange human laughter. Most kinds of hyena are nocturnal and eat the remains of dead animals. Hyenas are found in Africa and Asia.
hygiene the practice of keeping clean to stay healthy and prevent disease.
hygienist a person skilled in the areas of hygiene, such as a dentist's assistant.
hymn a song or poem written in praise of God or a country.
hymnal a book of church hymns.
hype to create interest in by making exaggerated claims. [2 definitions]
hyperactive very active or stimulated beyond what is normal.
hypertext markup language a computer language used to create documents on the World Wide Web; html.
hyphen a punctuation mark (-). It is used to join the parts of a compound word. It is also used at the end of a line to divide a word between syllables.
hyphenate to write, join, or divide with a hyphen.
hypnosis a condition like sleep that is caused by the direction of another person. People under hypnosis may do or say things as directed or suggested by the person who has put them in this condition.