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I'd shortened form of "I would" or "I had."
Idaho a state in the northwestern United States. Its capital is Boise. (abbreviated: ID)
idea any thought, belief, picture, or image that is formed in the mind. [4 definitions]
ideal an idea of something in its perfect form. [6 definitions]
idealistic believing that people can change things to make the world better.
identical the exact same. [3 definitions]
identification the act of showing who a person is or what a thing is. [2 definitions]
identify to figure out or show who someone is or what something is. [3 definitions]
identity all of those things by which a person or thing is known or is considered as being. [3 definitions]
idiom a phrase that cannot be understood by understanding the meanings of each of its words. The phrase "fall out," meaning "have a disagreement," is an idiom.
idiot a stupid person; fool.
idle not active or in use; not working. [6 definitions]
idol a statue or image of a god that is used as an object of worship. [2 definitions]
if on the condition that. [5 definitions]
if worse comes to worst if the worst happens; if no other way is successful.
igloo a hut, shaped like a dome and made of blocks of ice or hard snow. Igloos are a traditional type of home made by certain groups of people who live in the Arctic regions of the world.
igneous having to do with rocks formed by a volcano or other source of great heat.
ignite to cause to begin burning; set on fire. [2 definitions]
ignition the act of starting to burn or being set on fire. [2 definitions]
ignorance lack of education or information.
ignorant without knowledge or education. [2 definitions]