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illusion a fantasy or mistaken idea. [2 definitions]
illustrate to explain or make clear by giving examples. [2 definitions]
illustration a picture or drawing used to explain or decorate a book or other written material. [2 definitions]
illustrator an artist who makes illustrations for books or other written works.
ill will unfriendly feelings; dislike.
I'm shortened form of "I am."
im-1 a prefix that means "in," "into," or "on." It is used before words beginning with the letters P, B, or M.
im-2 a prefix that means "not" or "without." It is used before words that begin with the letters P, B, or M.
image a picture or some other likeness of a person or thing. [4 definitions]
imagery images that are created in the mind while reading or looking at art.
imaginary existing only in the imagination.
imagination the act or power of the mind to form a thought, picture, or image of something or someone that is not present to the senses.
imaginative having or showing an active or good imagination.
imagine to form in the mind a thought, picture, or image of. [2 definitions]
imitate to copy the actions of; try to be like. [2 definitions]
imitation the act of imitating or copying. [3 definitions]
immaculate not dirty; completely clean.
immature not completely grown or developed; not mature. [2 definitions]
immeasurable impossible to measure; very great.
immediate happening right away; instant. [3 definitions]
immediately right away; at once.