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immature not completely grown or developed; not mature. [2 definitions]
immeasurable impossible to measure; very great.
immediate happening right away; instant. [3 definitions]
immediately right away; at once.
immense very large; huge.
immerse to almost cover or cover completely with liquid. [2 definitions]
immigrant a person who moves permanently to another country from his or her native land.
immigrate to come to live permanently in a country where one was not born.
immigration the act of coming to live permanently in a new country.
imminent about to happen or likely to happen soon.
immoral bad; evil; not moral.
immortal never dying; living forever. [2 definitions]
immune protected from a disease, either naturally or by getting a vaccine. [2 definitions]
immunity the condition of being able to resist a disease.
immunize to make immune.
impact the force of two objects hitting or crashing into each other. [2 definitions]
impair to lessen the strength or ability of; damage.
impala an African antelope with long legs and reddish brown fur. Male impalas have long, curved horns. Impalas can jump up to ten feet in the air, higher than any other kind of antelope.
impartial not favoring one more than another; not prejudiced; fair.
impatience the quality or condition of being unable to wait calmly or bear annoyances.
impatient not patient; not willing or able to wait calmly. [2 definitions]