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immoral bad; evil; not moral.
immortal never dying; living forever. [2 definitions]
immune protected from a disease, either naturally or by getting a vaccine. [2 definitions]
immunity the condition of being able to resist a disease.
immunize to make immune.
impact the force of two objects hitting or crashing into each other. [2 definitions]
impair to lessen the strength or ability of; damage.
impala an African antelope with long legs and reddish brown fur. Male impalas have long, curved horns. Impalas can jump up to ten feet in the air, higher than any other kind of antelope.
impartial not favoring one more than another; not prejudiced; fair.
impatience the quality or condition of being unable to wait calmly or bear annoyances.
impatient not patient; not willing or able to wait calmly. [2 definitions]
impatiently with annoyance or anxiety at having to wait.
impeach to accuse a person in public office of wrong or improper conduct.
imperative very important; urgent. [2 definitions]
imperative sentence a sentence that tells someone to do something or makes a request. An example of an imperative sentence is "Tie your shoes."
imperfect not perfect or complete; having mistakes or faults.
imperial1 having to do with an empire or an emperor. [2 definitions]
impersonal not having to do with a particular person; general. [2 definitions]
impersonate to copy the appearance and actions of; pretend to be.
impertinent rude or too bold.
impetuous done suddenly and without much thought; impulsive.