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imperative very important; urgent. [2 definitions]
imperative sentence a sentence that tells someone to do something or makes a request. An example of an imperative sentence is "Tie your shoes."
imperfect not perfect or complete; having mistakes or faults.
imperial1 having to do with an empire or an emperor. [2 definitions]
impersonal not having to do with a particular person; general. [2 definitions]
impersonate to copy the appearance and actions of; pretend to be.
impertinent rude or too bold.
impetuous done suddenly and without much thought; impulsive.
implant to plant or set firmly in something. [2 definitions]
implement something used to do a particular job; tool or device. [2 definitions]
implementation the act, process, or way of carrying (something) out or putting (something) into effect.
implication something hinted at or suggested, but not said directly.
imply to hint or suggest without saying directly.
impolite not polite; rude.
import to bring in from another country, especially as something to be sold. [2 definitions]
importance the quality or condition of being important.
important having great meaning or value. [2 definitions]
importer a person or business that brings items in from another country so that they may be sold as merchandise.
impose to set as something that needs to be followed, done, or obeyed.
impose on to make demands of without being invited or at a bad time.
impose upon to make demands of without being invited or at a bad time.