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indulge to give in to or satisfy a desire, appetite, or whim. [2 definitions]
in duplicate in two exact copies.
Indus River a major river of southern Asia that begins in Tibet, then flows through a part of northern India and through all of Pakistan before entering the Arabian Sea.
industrial having to do with the making of goods and services by industry. [2 definitions]
industrialize to bring industry into; make industrial.
industrious working hard; producing in an active way.
industry the activity of process of turning raw materials into finished products, or a particular business that does this. [3 definitions]
inedible not safe to be eaten.
in effect in active operation.
inefficient taking too much time or supplies to produce or reach results.
inequality the condition of not being equal.
inert not being able to move, act, or resist.
inertia the tendency of an object that is not moving to remain still, or of an object that is moving to continue to move, unless something else moves or stops the object. [2 definitions]
inevitable certain to happen; not able to be avoided.
inexpensive low or moderate in cost.
inexperienced without the knowledge or skill that comes from practice or long life; not experienced.
in fact in reality; really; indeed.
infant a child in the first months of life. [3 definitions]
infantry soldiers on foot, or the branch of the military to which they belong.
infatuated having an attraction to someone or something that is strong enough to take away one's good judgment.
in favor of in support of.