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in step moving to a rhythm with another person.
instill to put gradually into someone's mind or feelings.
instinct natural behavior in an animal that is not taught by parents or experience but is simply part of what an animal is born with. [2 definitions]
instinctive having to do with instinct. [2 definitions]
in stitches (informal) laughing out of control.
institute to bring into being or set in operation. [4 definitions]
institution an organization set up for a specific purpose, usually serving the public. Hospitals, churches, prisons, and schools can be institutions. [2 definitions]
in stock present for use or sale.
in store about to happen.
instruct to teach; educate; tell. [2 definitions]
instruction the act of giving knowledge; teaching. [2 definitions]
instructor one who teaches or instructs; a teacher.
instrument a tool or mechanical device used for special work. [2 definitions]
insufficient not enough in number, degree, amount, or quality; not sufficient.
insulate to cover, line, or surround with a material that reduces or stops the movement of heat, electricity, or sound.
insulation material used to insulate. [2 definitions]
insulin a hormone of the pancreas that controls and regulates the body's use of sugars and starches. [2 definitions]
insult to speak to or treat without respect or in a way that hurts feelings. [2 definitions]
insurance a protection against certain accidents that is provided by a company in return for payment of a fee. [2 definitions]
insure to guarantee against loss or harm with an insurance policy.
intact staying complete, whole, or without damage; not changed or harmed.