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intestine (usually plural) the lower part of the digestive system, below the stomach. The intestine is a long, coiled tube. It is divided into the small intestine and the large intestine.
in the clear free from danger or charges of guilt.
in the dark knowing nothing; uncertain.
in the face of when faced with.
in the least at all.
in the long run at the end of a period of time; finally.
in the neighborhood of (informal) about; approximately.
in the nick of time at the last possible moment to produce some result.
in the saddle having authority; in a position to direct.
in the same boat in the same situation, often difficult or dangerous.
in the wake of following; directly after.
intimate1 very warm, friendly, or close. [2 definitions]
into to the inside of. [5 definitions]
intolerable too difficult or unpleasant to be near or to bear.
intolerant not able or not willing to accept different opinions, beliefs, customs, or people; not tolerant.
into thin air out of sight.
in tow as followers or in one's company.
intoxicate to cause to be less rational by means of alcohol or drugs. [2 definitions]
intransitive verb a verb that cannot have a direct object. In the sentence, "I ran for an hour," "ran" is an intransitive verb.
intravenous being in or entering through a vein or veins.
intricate having many complex parts, angles, or aspects; involved; elaborate.