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incoherent not logical or clear; hard to understand.
in cold blood with a definite intention to harm.
income the money received for work or from property that is owned.
income tax a tax on the income of a person or business.
in common owned or used together; shared.
incompatible not able to be together in a peaceful or happy way. [2 definitions]
incompetent without the skills or knowledge needed to do something well.
incomplete not complete; not finished.
incomprehensible impossible to understand.
inconceivable impossible to imagine, understand, or think about.
inconclusive not proving something completely. [2 definitions]
inconsiderate not thinking of other people's feelings; thoughtless or rude.
inconspicuous not likely to be seen or noticed.
inconvenience the quality of causing bother or making things difficult. [3 definitions]
inconvenient causing trouble or extra effort; not convenient.
incorporate to include as part of a larger thing; blend. [2 definitions]
incorrect not correct; wrong.
increase to make larger or greater; add to. [3 definitions]
increasingly more and more; to a greater and greater degree.
incredible difficult or impossible to believe. [2 definitions]
incredulous not able to believe something.