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indeed without any question or doubt; truly. [2 definitions]
indefinite not certain, not clear, or not having fixed limits.
indefinite article either of the articles "a" or "an" in English grammar. These articles do not restrict the noun to a particular person, place or thing. In the sentence, "A dog ran into my yard," the indefinite article "a" is used to show that it could have been any dog, and that a particular dog is not being named.
indent1 to begin to write or type farther from the left margin than the other lines.
independence the state or condition of being independent. [2 definitions]
Independence Day a U.S. national holiday celebrated on July 4 to remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence from England in 1776; Fourth of July.
independent not ruled by another; ruling oneself. [3 definitions]
in depth in a thorough way.
in detail including all the particulars.
index an alphabetical list of subjects, names, or other information in a book, with page numbers given for each item. [2 definitions]
index finger the finger between the thumb and the longest finger. The index finger is the finger most often used for pointing.
India a country in southern Asia surrounded on three sides by the Indian Ocean. New Delhi is the capital of India.
Indian a person who was born in or is a citizen of India. [4 definitions]
Indiana a state in the midwestern United States. Its capital is Indianapolis. (abbreviated: IN)
Indian corn a grain that grows on the ears of a tall plant; maize.
Indian Ocean an ocean south of Asia. It reaches from Africa to Australia.
indicate to show or point out. [3 definitions]
indication anything that indicates, such as a sign.
indict to formally accuse (someone) of a crime in a court of law after studying evidence.
Indies see "East Indies," "West Indies." [2 definitions]
indifferent without interest or concern; not caring.