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infield a baseball diamond, the positions at the four corners of the diamond, or the people playing those positions as a group.
infiltrate to enter into in secret.
infinite having no limits or end; without measure.
infinitive the simple form of a verb that has no subject and does not show past, present or future tense. It is usually formed by the word "to" followed by the base form of a verb. In the sentence, "I want to leave now," "to leave" is an infinitive.
infinity a distance we cannot measure because it goes on forever, or a place that we imagine is at the end of such a distance. [3 definitions]
infirm weak or ill, as from old age.
inflame to stir up or intensify. [3 definitions]
inflammable able to catch fire and burn, or easy to set on fire and burn; flammable.
inflammation a small area of tissue that is hot, red, swollen, and sore because of infection or injury.
inflate to make larger or expand. [2 definitions]
inflation an increase in the average price level. [2 definitions]
inflection a change in the pitch or tone of a voice. [3 definitions]
inflexible not able to be bent, or not easy to bend; stiff. [3 definitions]
inflict to deal out or strike in a physical attack. [2 definitions]
influence the power or invisible action of a thing or person that causes some kind of effect on another. [3 definitions]
influential having power or influence.
influenza a disease caused by a virus in humans and some animals; flu. Influenza causes fever, indigestion, coughing and muscle pain.
info shortened form of "information."
infomercial a long commercial in the form of a television program.
inform to give knowledge to; tell. [2 definitions]
informal relaxed in style or feeling; casual. [2 definitions]