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inflection a change in the pitch or tone of a voice. [3 definitions]
inflexible not able to be bent, or not easy to bend; stiff. [3 definitions]
inflict to deal out or strike in a physical attack. [2 definitions]
influence the power or invisible action of a thing or person that causes some kind of effect on another. [3 definitions]
influential having power or influence.
influenza a disease caused by a virus in humans and some animals; flu. Influenza causes fever, indigestion, coughing and muscle pain.
info shortened form of information.
infomercial a long commercial in the form of a television program.
inform to give knowledge to; tell. [2 definitions]
informal relaxed in style or feeling; casual. [2 definitions]
information knowledge or facts that come from a source. [2 definitions]
infrequent not happening often.
in full in the complete or required amount.
infuriate to cause great anger in; enrage.
-ing1 a suffix used to form the present participle of verbs.
-ing2 a suffix used to turn a verb into a noun.
ingenious clever or creative in setting up or working through problems.
ingenuity the quality of, or an instance of being ingenious; cleverness.
ingot an amount of metal made into a shape that makes it easy to hold or store.
ingredient one of the parts of a mixture.
inhabit to live in; use as a dwelling.