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inhabit to live in; use as a dwelling.
inhabitant someone or something that lives in a place; resident.
inhabited lived in; populated.
inhale to breathe in; take in by breathing.
inhaler a device which blows medicine through the mouth into the lungs
inherit to receive from a person who has died; be heir to. [2 definitions]
inheritance money, property, or position that is or may be inherited legally. [2 definitions]
in hot water (informal) in a bad situation; in trouble.
inhuman without human feelings such as warmth, mercy, or sympathy; cruel, brutal, or not caring.
initial of the beginning; first. [3 definitions]
initially at first; in the beginning.
initiate to cause to begin; start; originate. [2 definitions]
initiative the power, energy, or ability to organize or accomplish something. [2 definitions]
inject to introduce into by force or pressure with a needle. [2 definitions]
injection a measured dose of liquid medicine that is injected into the body. [2 definitions]
injure to harm; damage; wound.
injury damage or wrong that causes physical or mental pain or hardship. [2 definitions]
injustice the lack of justice or fairness. [2 definitions]
ink a liquid or paste, usually black or colored, that is used to write or print. [2 definitions]
inkling a blurry or partial idea or understanding.
inland in the part of a country that is away from the coast or border. [2 definitions]