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insane having a disease of the mind; crazy; mad. [2 definitions]
insanity the condition of having a disease in the mind.
inscribe to write by carving.
insect a very small animal with a hard covering over its body. Most kinds of insects have a body that is divided into three parts. Most insects also have three pairs of legs and one or two pairs of wings. Insects are arthropods. Bees, ants, butterflies, beetles, and flies are kinds of insects. [2 definitions]
insecticide a poison used to kill insects.
insectivore an animal that eats insects or a plant that traps insects. [2 definitions]
insecure without enough protection; not safe or secure. [3 definitions]
insensitive without concern for or understanding of the feelings of others.
insert to put or cause to be put in, into, or within. [2 definitions]
inside in the inner part of; within. [6 definitions]
inside out having the inner surface facing out. [2 definitions]
insight the power to understand deep meanings or truths. [2 definitions]
insignia a badge, button, medal, or mark that indicates membership in a certain group.
insignificant having no value, importance, or significance; trivial.
insincere showing false or dishonest feelings or opinions; hypocritical.
insist to be firm about something; refuse to give up. [2 definitions]
insolent rude, arrogant, or not showing respect in speech or behavior.
in someone's bad graces being disliked and not cared for by someone.
in someone's good graces being liked and cared for by someone.
insomnia difficulty in getting to sleep.
inspect to look at very carefully to find any problems. [2 definitions]