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inside in the inner part of; within. [7 definitions]
inside out reversed so that the inner surface is facing outward. [2 definitions]
insight the power to understand deep meanings or truths. [2 definitions]
insignia a badge, button, medal, or mark that indicates membership in a certain group.
insignificant having no value, importance, or significance; trivial.
insincere showing false or dishonest feelings or opinions; hypocritical.
insist to be firm about something; refuse to give up. [2 definitions]
insolent rude, arrogant, or not showing respect in speech or behavior.
in someone's bad graces being disliked and not cared for by someone.
in someone's good graces being liked and cared for by someone.
insomnia difficulty in getting to sleep.
inspect to look at very carefully to find any problems. [2 definitions]
inspection the act or an instance of inspecting. [2 definitions]
inspector one who inspects, often in an official capacity. [2 definitions]
inspiration a person or thing that motivates, uplifts, or gives one the confidence to do something; someone or something that inspires. [3 definitions]
inspire to stimulate or influence (someone to do something) by stirring the emotions. [2 definitions]
in spite of without being changed or prevented by; despite.
install to put into position and make ready for use. [2 definitions]
installation the act of installing or condition of being installed. [2 definitions]
installment1 one of the parts in which something is paid, written, or supplied at regular times.
installment2 the act of installing or condition of being installed.