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insomnia difficulty in getting to sleep.
inspect to look at very carefully to find any problems. [2 definitions]
inspection the act or an instance of inspecting. [2 definitions]
inspector one who inspects, often in an official capacity. [2 definitions]
inspiration an action, thought, person, or other influence that inspires. [2 definitions]
inspire to stimulate or influence (someone to do something) by stirring the emotions. [2 definitions]
in spite of without being changed or prevented by; despite.
install to put into position and make ready for use. [2 definitions]
installation the act of installing or condition of being installed. [2 definitions]
installment1 one of the parts in which something is paid, written, or supplied at regular times.
installment2 the act of installing or condition of being installed.
instance a case, example or occasion.
instant a very short space of time; moment. [4 definitions]
instantly at once; without delay; immediately.
instead in place of; rather.
instead of in place of.
instep the curved middle section of the foot between the ankle and the toes. [2 definitions]
in step moving to a rhythm with another person.
instill to put gradually into someone's mind or feelings.
instinct the cause of natural behavior that is not learned in any species. [2 definitions]
instinctive having to do with instinct. [2 definitions]