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intact staying complete, whole, or without damage; not changed or harmed.
intake the place at which a liquid or gas is taken into something. [2 definitions]
in tears crying.
integer a positive or negative whole number or zero.
integrate to bring together and mix into a whole. [2 definitions]
integration the process of bringing all parts together into a whole. [2 definitions]
integrity a strong sense of honesty; firmness of moral character.
intellect the ability to reason and understand.
intellectual of or having to do with the intellect. [3 definitions]
intelligence the ability to learn, reason, and understand. [3 definitions]
intelligent having a great ability to reason and understand.
intelligible able to be easily understood; easy to comprehend.
intend to have in mind as something to do. [2 definitions]
intense having a very great degree of something, such as heat, or being in a very great degree or state. [2 definitions]
intensify to make stronger, more acute, or more intense. [2 definitions]
intensity the quality of being intense. [2 definitions]
intent1 plan; aim; intention. [2 definitions]
intent2 very concentrated in attention; focused. [2 definitions]
intention a decided course of action; plan.
intentional done on purpose; deliberate.
interact to respond to one another in a social situation. [2 definitions]