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invent to think of, come up with, or create something new. [2 definitions]
invention the act or process of inventing. [3 definitions]
inventive good at thinking up new ideas or at devising new objects or methods; imaginative.
inventor one who invents.
inventory a complete list of things on hand or in a particular place. [2 definitions]
invert to reverse the order, position, or direction of. [2 definitions]
invertebrate without a backbone [2 definitions]
invest to put into use for the purpose of making money. [2 definitions]
investigate to look into carefully and closely so as to learn the facts; examine.
investigation the act of investigating.
investigator a person who makes a careful search for information usually in order to answer a question.
investment the act or process of investing. [3 definitions]
investor a person or company that invests or puts money into use for the purpose of making more money.
in view of taking note of; taking into account; considering.
invincible too strong to be defeated.
invisible not able to be seen; not visible.
invitation the act of inviting.
invite to ask in a polite way to come somewhere or do something. [3 definitions]
involuntary not caused or decided by one's own choice, will, or wish. [2 definitions]
involve to have as a necessary part or result; include. [3 definitions]
involved complicated because made up of many different connected parts or steps; intricate; complex.