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Irish of or having to do with Ireland, or its people, culture, or language. [3 definitions]
Irish setter a breed of dog. Irish setters have long red hair and a silky coat.
iron a heavy silver-gray metal that is one of the chemical elements. Iron rusts easily and can be magnetized. It is found in many minerals in the earth's crust and is also found in blood. Iron is often combined with other metals to form alloys such as steel. (symbol: Fe) [9 definitions]
ironing board a long, narrow, padded board on which laundry is ironed.
iron out to clear up or smooth out.
irony contrast that is usually interesting or surprising between what one would normally expect and what the real thing or situation is.
Iroquois a member of a large, united group of American Indian peoples of New York State. The Iroquois confederacy is made up of six different Indian nations.
irrational without reason or sense. [2 definitions]
irregular uneven in shape, arrangement, surface, or some other way. [4 definitions]
irregularity the quality of being irregular. [2 definitions]
irrelevant not having anything to do with the matter being considered or talked about.
irresistible impossible not to give in to or resist.
irresponsible not having or showing responsibility; not able to be counted on or trusted.
irreversible impossible to reverse, turn back, or change.
irrigate to supply with water by artificial means from a natural source of water.
irrigation the supplying of water to land by man-made means.
irritable easily bothered or angered.
irritate to anger or bother. [2 definitions]
irritation the act of irritating, or that which irritates. [3 definitions]
is a form of the verb "be" which is used with he, she, it, and with singular nouns.
-ish a suffix that means "of" or "from." [3 definitions]