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irrational without reason or sense. [2 definitions]
irregular uneven in shape, arrangement, surface, or some other way. [4 definitions]
irregularity the quality of being irregular. [2 definitions]
irrelevant not having anything to do with the matter being considered or talked about.
irresistible impossible not to give in to or resist.
irresponsible not having or showing responsibility; not able to be counted on or trusted.
irreversible impossible to reverse, turn back, or change.
irrigate to supply with water by artificial means from a natural source of water.
irrigation the supplying of water to land by man-made means.
irritable easily bothered or angered.
irritate to anger or bother. [2 definitions]
irritation the act of irritating, or that which irritates. [3 definitions]
is a form of the verb "be" which is used with he, she, it, and with singular nouns.
-ish a suffix that means "of" or "from." [3 definitions]
Islam a religion founded by Muhammad. Its holy book is called the Koran. [3 definitions]
Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan.
island an area of land smaller than a continent and surrounded by water on all sides. [2 definitions]
islander a person who was born on or lives on an island.
isle an island.
islet a tiny island.
isn't shortened form of "is not."