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jack-in-the-box a toy that is made up of a box with a puppet inside. The puppet springs out when the lid of the box is opened.
jackknife a large pocketknife whose blade can be folded into the handle. [2 definitions]
jack-o'-lantern a pumpkin that is hollowed out and has a face carved into it and a candle in the bottom. Jack-o'-lanterns are used at Halloween as lamps or decorations.
jackpot the largest or final prize in a game or contest.
jack rabbit a large hare of the western United States. Jack rabbits have long ears and very long, strong back legs.
Jacuzzi trademark for a type of bath that has underwater jets. The jets shoot air into the water, making it whirl around.
jade1 a hard green stone or the jewelry or works of art made from it.
jagged having points that are sharp and uneven.
jaguar a large mammal with short yellow fur and black rings. Jaguars are carnivores that hunt or fish for food. They live in the southern United States and Central and South America. Jaguars are closely related to lions, tigers, and other big cats. They are sometimes called panthers.
jail a building in which a government keeps people who are waiting for a trial or who have been found guilty of breaking the law. [2 definitions]
jailbird (informal) a person who is or who has been locked up in jail; convict.
jam1 to force or pack tightly into a small space. [8 definitions]
jam2 a sweet spread made by cooking crushed fruit and sugar.
Jamaica an island country in the West Indies, in the Caribbean Sea. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica.
Jan. abbreviation of "January."
jangle to make a harsh, clashing sound. [4 definitions]
janitor a person whose work is to clean and take care of a building.
January the first month of the year. January has thirty-one days.
Japan a country in eastern Asia made up of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
Japanese of or having to do with Japan, or its people or language. [3 definitions]
Japanese beetle a shiny green and brown insect that came to the United States from Asia. It eats the leaves, fruits, flowers, and roots of plants and can cause a lot of damage.