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jailbird (informal) a person who is or who has been locked up in jail; convict.
jam1 to force or pack tightly into a small space. [8 definitions]
jam2 a sweet spread made by cooking crushed fruit and sugar.
Jamaica an island country in the West Indies, in the Caribbean Sea. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica.
Jan. an abbreviation for January.
jangle to make a harsh, clashing sound. [4 definitions]
janitor a person whose work is to clean and take care of a building.
January the first month of the year. January has thirty-one days.
Japan a country in eastern Asia made up of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
Japanese of or having to do with Japan, or its people or language. [3 definitions]
Japanese beetle a shiny green and brown insect that came to the United States from Asia. It eats the leaves, fruits, flowers, and roots of plants and can cause a lot of damage.
jar1 a round container with a wide mouth, usually made of glass or pottery, and often having a lid. [2 definitions]
jar2 to crash into or bump so as to cause movement; jolt. [4 definitions]
jargon1 special words or language used by a particular group or to describe a particular interest.
jaundice a condition of the liver that causes the eyes and skin to become yellow.
jaundiced having or looking as if one had jaundice.
jaunt a short trip made for fun and pleasure.
jaunty having a light manner; lively and confident.
Java the principal island of Indonesia. [2 definitions]
Javanese of or having to do with the island of Java or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
javelin a light spear thrown as a weapon. [3 definitions]