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jet2 a deep, shiny black color.
jet engine an engine that causes forward movement by the power of a stream of gases being forced out under pressure in the opposite direction. Jet engines are often used in aircraft.
jet lag a feeling of being very tired or not well after traveling by airplane across different time zones.
jet-propelled using the power of a jet engine or engines.
jet propulsion a way of giving aircraft and some small ships the power to move forward. Jet propulsion forces air and hot gases under high pressure to go through a jet nozzle.
jet stream a narrow band of strong, fast wind several miles above the earth's surface. The jet stream usually flows from west to east.
jettison to throw from a ship or airplane to make it lighter or more stable. [2 definitions]
jetty1 a group of rocks or wooden beams built out into a body of water. Jetties are used to control the flow of water and protect the shore from strong waves. [2 definitions]
Jew a person whose ancestors were the Biblical Hebrews. [2 definitions]
jewel a special stone that has been cut and made smooth; gem. Jewels are used to make jewelry and ornaments. [2 definitions]
jeweler a person who makes, fixes, or sells gems or jewelry.
jewelry rings, watches, necklaces, or other ornaments; jewels.
Jewish of or having to do with Jews, their culture, traditions, or religion.
jib1 a sail that is shaped like a triangle and used in the front of a sailing boat.
jiffy (informal) a very short time; instant.
jig2 a fast, lively dance. [4 definitions]
jigsaw a saw that can be used to cut sharp corners or curved designs. Jigsaws are usually powered by electricity.
jigsaw puzzle a puzzle that is made of a picture that has been cut into pieces of different shapes. The separate pieces must be put together to form the picture again. A jigsaw puzzle is usually made of thick cardboard or wood.
jingle to make a sound like light metal objects hitting against each other again and again. [4 definitions]
jinx someone or something that is believed to cause bad luck. [2 definitions]
job a particular task or piece of work. [3 definitions]