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join to put, bring, or fasten together. [5 definitions]
joint a place or point where two or more parts come together or are connected. [2 definitions]
joke a short story, usually with a funny ending, that is told to make people laugh. [3 definitions]
jolly cheerful, full of fun, and merry.
jolt to shake up or cause to move with a jerk. [4 definitions]
jonquil a white or yellow flower with a pleasant smell. The jonquil is much like the daffodil.
Jordan a country in southwestern Asia. It lies east of Israel. Amman is the capital of Jordan. [2 definitions]
jostle to push, crowd, or bump into on purpose. [2 definitions]
jot to write in a quick and simple way (usually followed by "down").
journal a record of a person's experiences, thoughts, or daily events; diary. [2 definitions]
journalism the work of collecting news and information and giving it out to the public through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or other media.
journalist a person whose work is journalism.
journey a long trip from one place to another. [2 definitions]
joust a real or pretend fight between two knights on horseback. Each knight tries to knock the other off his horse with a lance. [2 definitions]
jovial very cheerful, friendly, and merry; jolly.
jowl2 skin or flesh that hangs down from the lower jaw.
joy a great feeling of happiness or pleasure; delight. [2 definitions]
joyful feeling, showing, or causing great happiness; glad; happy.
joyous full of joy; happy.
joystick (informal) the control stick for an airplane, computer, or game.
jubilant having or showing great joy; having a happy feeling of success.