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juice the natural liquid from plants or meats. The liquid from fruits is used for drinking.
juicy having a great amount of juice.
jukebox a machine that holds many different records or CDs and plays music when money is put in. By pushing a button, the song that is chosen will play.
July the seventh month of the year. July has thirty-one days.
jumble to put or throw together in a confused pile. [4 definitions]
jumbo very large.
jump to leap into the air. [11 definitions]
jump at to take or accept quickly and eagerly.
jumper2 a dress without sleeves worn over a shirt or blouse. [3 definitions]
jump rope a rope held at each end and swung under the feet and over the head as a person jumps. Jump ropes are used for exercise or as a game.
jump suit a piece of clothing that covers the arms, legs, and body and is worn by people who parachute. [2 definitions]
junction a point or place where things are joined together. [3 definitions]
June the sixth month of the year. June has thirty days. Summer begins in June for people who live north of the equator.
jungle land covered with many trees, vines, and bushes; a tropical rain forest.
jungle gym an outdoor structure of pipes and bars for children to play on.
junior younger (used especially after one's name when one has the same first and last name as one's father and often abbreviated as "Jr.") [5 definitions]
junior high school a school between elementary school and high school; middle school. Junior high school usually includes grades seven, eight, and nine.
juniper an evergreen shrub or small tree with cones that produce berries.
junk1 things having little worth; trash. [2 definitions]
junk2 a boat found in China with a high stern and flat bottom, driven by square sails.
junk food snack food that does not give the body many nutrients. Junk food usually contains a great deal of fat or sugar.