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kerchief a square cloth that is tied over the head or around the neck.
kernel the seed inside a nut or a fruit pit. [3 definitions]
kerosene a thin liquid fuel. Kerosene is usually made from petroleum, but can also be made from oil, coal shale, or tar.
ketchup a thick red sauce for meat or potatoes made with tomatoes and spices.
kettle a wide, deep pot used for boiling liquids, such as water or soup. [2 definitions]
kettledrum a large, deep drum that is shaped like a bowl and played with soft mallets.
key1 a metal object cut in a special way to open or close locks. [6 definitions]
key2 a low island near shore.
keyboard a row or rows of keys. Pianos, typewriters, and computers have keyboards.
keyhole a hole in a lock into which a key is put to lock and unlock it.
keypad a small panel with keys or buttons. Keypads are used to send a signal to an electronic device. Computers, telephones, calculators, and remote controls all have keypads.
key ring a metal ring for holding keys.
keystone the central stone at the top of an arch. [2 definitions]
key up to bring to a state of strong feeling or excitement.
kg abbreviation of "kilogram," or "kilograms."
khaki a dull yellowish brown color. [3 definitions]
kick to strike with the foot. [6 definitions]
kickoff a kick in football that puts the ball into action and signals the beginning or continuing of the game. [2 definitions]
kick up one's heels to have a merry time.
kid1 a young goat. [3 definitions]
kid2 (informal) to joke or tease. [2 definitions]