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kick to strike with the foot. [6 definitions]
kickoff a kick in football that puts the ball into action and signals the beginning or continuing of the game. [2 definitions]
kick up one's heels to have a merry time.
kid1 a young goat. [3 definitions]
kid2 (informal) to joke or tease. [2 definitions]
kidnap to take by force and hold against a person's will in order to get money or some other valuable thing.
kidney one of a pair of organs in the body which remove water and waste products from the blood. The waste products go from the kidneys to the bladder in the form of urine. The kidneys are found high in the abdomen near the spine. [2 definitions]
Kiev the capital city of Ukraine.
kill1 to cause to die. [6 definitions]
killdeer a bird that is a kind of plover, with two black bands on a white breast. Killdeers are native to inland waters and fields of North America and have a loud, shrill cry that sounds like their name.
killer whale a black and white, toothed whale. Killer whales kill and eat seals and large fish.
killing the act of putting to death. [2 definitions]
kill two birds with one stone to meet two goals with one action.
kiln an oven for burning, baking, and drying. A kiln is used to make pottery and bricks or to dry wood.
kilo see kilogram.
kilo- a prefix that means "one thousand."
kilobyte a unit of measurement equal to 1,024 bytes. Kilobytes are used to measure the amount of electronic information that can be stored by a computer. (abbreviated: k)
kilogram a unit of weight equal to one thousand grams or 2.205 pounds. (abbreviated: kg)
kilohertz a unit that measures the frequency of radio waves. One kilohertz is equal to one thousand cycles per second. (abbreviated: kHz)
kilometer a unit of length equal to one thousand meters or 0.621 mile. (abbreviated: km)
kilometre a spelling of kilometer used in Canada and Britain. See kilometer.