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Laos a country in southeastern Asia. Vientiane is the capital of Laos. Laos is also called Lao People's Democratic Republic.
lap1 the front of the human body, from the waist to the knees, in a sitting position. The part of clothing that covers this part of the body is also called the lap.
lap2 to lay or fold over so as to cover another; overlap. [3 definitions]
lap3 to gently splash or slap against. [3 definitions]
lapel a front part of a coat or jacket that goes down the chest from the collar and is folded back.
lapse a slight failure to meet some accepted standard. [5 definitions]
laptop computer a small computer that is easy to carry; notebook computer.
larch A kind of tree that has cones and looks like an evergreen but has needles that turn yellow and are shed in the fall. [2 definitions]
lard the fat of pigs that has been melted down, used in cooking.
larder a place or room for keeping or storing food, or the supply of food stored there.
large of a size, or amount bigger than normal or average; not small.
large intestine the large, lower part of the intestines. The large intestine absorbs water from digested food and forms solid waste matter.
largely in large part; mostly; mainly.
large-scale large in scope or extent.
lariat a long rope with a sliding loop at one end. It is used to catch running animals such as cattle or horses.
lark1 a songbird with a long hind claw and a musical song. There are many kinds of larks.
lark2 a happy adventure.
larkspur a plant with bright blue, pink, or white flowers on a tall stalk. The flowers have a long projection called a spur.
larva an insect after it hatches from an egg and before it changes into its adult form. Larvae do not have wings and look like worms. Most kinds of insects spend part of their lives as larvae. Caterpillars are a type of larva. [2 definitions]
laryngitis an inflammation of the part of the throat called the larynx. A person with laryngitis might not be able to speak louder than a whisper.
larynx the structure at the top of the windpipe that contains the vocal cords, which produce the human voice; voice box.