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lasagna long, wide, flat noodles, or a dish made of these noodles that is baked with sauce, cheese and ground meat or vegetables.
laser a device that makes a strong, narrow beam of light by stimulating the atoms in a gas or crystal.
lash1 a whip or the striking part of a whip. [8 definitions]
lash2 to tie down with a rope, cord, or chain.
lass a girl or young woman.
lasso a long rope with a sliding loop on one end; lariat. It is used to catch running animals such as cattle or horses. [2 definitions]
last1 coming after or finishing behind all others. [7 definitions]
last2 to go on through time; continue. [3 definitions]
lasting continuing for a long time, not ending.
latch a device that fastens or locks with a bar or bolt that goes into a notch or hole. Latches fasten doors, windows, and gates. [2 definitions]
late happening after the usual or expected time. [6 definitions]
lately of late; recently.
later at some future or following time. [3 definitions]
lateral about, from, or toward a side or sides; sideways. [2 definitions]
latest the superlative of "late." [3 definitions]
lathe a machine for shaping a piece of wood, metal, or other hard material. The lathe holds and spins the material while another cutting tool is held against it.
lather foam made by soap or detergent mixed in water. [4 definitions]
Latin the language of ancient Rome. The Romance languages are derived from Latin. [4 definitions]
Latina a woman or girl who was born in or is a citizen of a country in Latin America, or an American woman or girl of Latin American origin. [2 definitions]
Latin America all the countries in the Western Hemisphere south of the United States where the main language spoken is a Romance language.
Latin American of or having to do with Latin America, or its people or languages. [2 definitions]