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laundrette a British word for a place where you can pay to use washing machines and clothes dryers. "Laundrette" has the same meaning as "laundry" and "Laundromat."
Laundromat (trademark) a place where people pay to use washing machines and clothes dryers.
laundry clothing, sheets, and other things that are cleaned by washing or that are washed and ironed. [2 definitions]
laundry room a room in a home or institution where clothes and linens are washed and usually dried.
laurel an evergreen tree or shrub that has large, shiny leaves and yellow flowers. [3 definitions]
lava hot, melted rock that erupts from a volcano. [2 definitions]
lavatory a room with sinks and toilets. [2 definitions]
lavender a plant of the mint family with pale purple flowers. [3 definitions]
laverock a primarily Scottish word for "lark," a kind of songbird with a long hind claw and a musical song.
lavish generous in using or spending. [3 definitions]
law the set of rules that people in a society must follow. [5 definitions]
lawful allowed by law; legal.
lawmaker one who makes or approves laws; legislator.
lawn1 an area of ground planted with grass and usually mown short.
lawn mower a machine with a turning blade that cuts the grass of a lawn.
lawsuit a case brought before a court of law, especially when a person or group has a strong complaint against another.
lawyer one whose job is to help people with legal matters and represent them in court; attorney.
lay1 to place, put, or spread (something long or flat) over a surface. [6 definitions]
lay3 past tense of "lie2."
layer a thickness of something that is spread over a surface. [3 definitions]
layoff the act of putting a person or group of people out of work.