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lava hot, melted rock that erupts from a volcano. [2 definitions]
lavatory a room with sinks and toilets. [2 definitions]
lavender a plant of the mint family with pale purple flowers. [3 definitions]
laverock a primarily Scottish word for "lark," a kind of songbird with a long hind claw and a musical song.
lavish generous in using or spending. [3 definitions]
law the set of rules that people in a society must follow. [5 definitions]
lawful allowed by law; legal.
lawmaker one who makes or approves laws; legislator.
lawn1 an area of ground planted with grass and usually mown short.
lawn mower a machine with a turning blade that cuts the grass of a lawn.
lawsuit a case brought before a court of law, especially when a person or group has a strong complaint against another.
lawyer one whose job is to help people with legal matters and represent them in court; attorney.
lay1 to place, put, or spread (something long or flat) over a surface. [6 definitions]
lay3 past tense of lie2.
layer a thickness of something that is spread over a surface. [3 definitions]
layoff the act of putting a person or group of people out of work.
lazy not willing to give much effort or to work. [2 definitions]
lb. an abbreviation for pound or pounds.
lead1 to give direction to; show the way to; guide. [13 definitions]
lead2 a heavy, soft gray metal that is one of the chemical elements. Because it is very heavy and dense, lead is useful for making things such as weights, shot, and shields that protect against radiation. (symbol: Pb) [2 definitions]
lead a dog's life to have a life that is unhappy and filled with trouble.