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leaflet a printed piece of paper that is usually given to people free of charge. It contains information or advertisements and is often folded. [2 definitions]
league1 a number of countries, groups, or people joined together for a common cause. [2 definitions]
league2 a unit of length equal to about 3 miles or 4.8 kilometers.
leak an opening or crack that lets something pass out or in by accident. [5 definitions]
leaky letting gas, water, or odors escape.
lean1 to bend or slant. [4 definitions]
lean2 having little extra fat on the body. [2 definitions]
lean over backward to work extremely and unusually hard.
lean-to a shelter that has one side that slopes up and serves as both a wall and a roof. The sloping side is supported by something like logs or posts. A lean-to is often open on the other ends or sides.
leap to spring into the air, moving straight up or to another position. [3 definitions]
leapfrog a game in which one player bends over while the other players take turns jumping over.
leapt a past tense and past participle of "leap."
leap year a year that has 366 days, which happens every four years. The extra day is February 29.
learn to get to know or gain knowledge of through study or experience. [3 definitions]
learned having or showing knowledge or learning.
learning knowledge gained through careful study or experience.
learnt a past tense and a past participle of "learn."
lease an agreement for living in or using another person's property in exchange for money or something else of value. [3 definitions]
leash a length of leather, chain, or rope attached to the collar of an animal to keep it under control. [2 definitions]
least superlative of "little." [5 definitions]
leather material made from the skin of an animal by removing the hair and tanning. Leather is used for making shoes, jackets, luggage, and many other things. [2 definitions]