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legislation a law made by a body of government. [2 definitions]
legislative having to do with the branch of government that has the power to pass laws. [2 definitions]
legislator someone who makes laws.
legislature a group of people within a government that has the power to make or change laws.
legitimate allowed by the law or by rules; legal. [2 definitions]
legume any of the family of plants that grow their seeds and fruit in pods. Beans and peas are legumes. [2 definitions]
lei1 a wreath of flowers, usually worn around the neck in Hawaii.
leisure freedom from work or other duties that take time and effort; free time.
lemming a very small mammal that looks like a mouse with a short tail. Lemmings are rodents that live in the far northern parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. Some kinds of lemmings migrate in groups if their population gets very large. Migrating lemmings may drown in bodies of water.
lemon a small citrus fruit with yellow skin and sour juice. [3 definitions]
lemonade a drink made from lemon juice, sugar, and water.
lemur a small, furry mammal with large, round eyes and a long tail. They are active mainly at night. Lemurs are found in Madagascar, a large island country near the eastern coast of Africa, and in nearby islands.
lend to give with the understanding that what has been given will be returned. [3 definitions]
length the distance from one end of a thing to the other. [4 definitions]
lengthen to make or become longer.
lengthwise in the direction of the longer or longest side.
lenient not strict with rules; tolerant.
lens a piece of clear material such as glass that bends light rays passing through it. The surface of a lens is curved to bend light rays toward or away from a central point. [3 definitions]
Lent the forty weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Easter, observed by Christians as a time to fast, pray, and be sorry for having done wrong.
lent past tense and past participle of "lend."
lentil a round, flat seed produced by the lentil plant. It is used as food. [2 definitions]