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Lesotho a country in southeastern Africa that is surrounded by the country of South Africa. The capital of Lesotho is Maseru.
-less a suffix that means "not having."
less comparative of "little." [6 definitions]
lessen to become or make smaller in amount or size.
lesser a comparative of "little." [2 definitions]
lesson a period of instruction in a particular thing, or something that is intended to be learned or studied. [2 definitions]
-let a suffix that means "small."
let to allow; permit. [4 definitions]
let bygones be bygones to forgive and forget past fights.
let down to fail to satisfy; disappoint.
let go to stop holding; set free. [2 definitions]
lethargic feeling as if one has no energy; not wanting to move or do anything.
let off to release from punishment or something unpleasant; excuse.
let out to allow to be known.
let's1 shortened form of "let us."
letter a written mark that stands for a speech sound; specific character of an alphabet. [3 definitions]
letterbox a British word for a public box in which people place letters to be sent by mail. "Letterbox" has the same meaning as "mailbox." [2 definitions]
letter carrier someone who delivers mail.
lettering the act or art of printing or writing letters. [2 definitions]
let the cat out of the bag to reveal a secret.
lettuce a plant with large, crisp leaves that can be eaten. [2 definitions]