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liberate to free or let out.
Liberia a country in western Africa. Monrovia is the capital of Liberia.
liberty freedom from being confined or controlled. [3 definitions]
Libra a constellation located between Virgo and Scorpio. Libra is also called the Scales. [3 definitions]
librarian a person trained to work in a library, or who takes care of a particular collection of books.
library a place where books, records, and other materials are kept and from which they may be borrowed. [2 definitions]
Libya a country in northern Africa. Tripoli is the capital of Libya.
lice plural of "louse."
license legal permission to do something, or a paper or card that shows permission. [2 definitions]
license plate a small metal sign on a car, truck, or other vehicle that usually has both numbers and letters. The license plate shows that it is legal to drive the vehicle on public roads.
lichen a living thing that is a fungus and a form of algae or special bacteria living together. The algae or the bacteria use photosynthesis to make food for the fungus. There are many kinds of lichens with different colors, such as green, gray, black, or red. They can look like scales, crusts, or branches. Lichens live on rocks and other places where there is no soil.
lick to pass the tongue over or along the surface of. [7 definitions]
licorice a plant of the legume family that has a strong, sweet smell and flavor. [3 definitions]
lid a cover for a container that can be opened or removed. [2 definitions]
lie1 an untrue statement made on purpose. [2 definitions]
lie2 to be in or place oneself in a flat or resting position. [4 definitions]
Liechtenstein a small central European country between Switzerland and Austria. The capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz.
lie in wait to wait for a chance to make a surprise attack.
lieutenant a military officer of a rank just below captain. [3 definitions]
life the state of being that sets animals and plants apart from rocks, minerals, and other things that are not alive. Things that have life grow, reproduce, and use energy. [7 definitions]
lifeboat a boat made for quick rescue of people. It can be carried on a larger boat, or it can be used from shore.