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life cycle the sequence of changes that a living thing goes through as it grows and develops. Birth, growth, reproduction, aging, and death are all stages in the life cycle of an animal.
lifeguard a person hired to watch over a swimming area and rescue anyone who might be drowning.
life jacket a life preserver in the form of a vest or jacket with no sleeves.
lifeless having or appearing to have no life; unconscious. [2 definitions]
lifelike looking like something in real life.
lifelong going on throughout the whole of a person's life.
life preserver a device used to help a person float in water and not drown. A life preserver is usually made in the shape of a ring, belt, or vest.
life span the length of time that a human, animal, or plant lives or can be expected to live.
lifestyle the general way of life of a person or group, including typical jobs and activities, attitudes towards work and money, values, and the like.
lifetime the time during which a person's life goes on. [2 definitions]
lift to bring upward; raise. [9 definitions]
lift a finger to make an effort to help or do work.
liftoff the moment of launching a missile or rocket, or the movement of the rocket itself.
ligament a band of tough tissue that connects bones or supports muscles or organs.
light1 the form of energy that makes it possible for the eye to see. The sun produces light. [11 definitions]
light2 not heavy, full, intense, or powerful. [4 definitions]
light bulb a glass object that fits into a lamp or similar device and produces light.
lighten1 to become brighter or lighter in color. [2 definitions]
lighten2 to reduce the weight of. [2 definitions]
lighthearted cheerful or gay; carefree.
lighthouse a tower with a flashing light for guiding ships and warning them of dangers in the water.